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A new concept in Mortgage Lending!

Welcome to ReferConnect "Mortgage Borrowers Advocacy" a brand new concept in the Mortgage Lending Space.

Have you ever searched for a Great Mortgage Broker and found the search to be difficult and almost impossible to find the right one?


Did you know selecting the wrong Mortgage Broker or Bank could cost you thousands of dollars in Interest and Fees?

Well now we are taking the guess work out of selecting the right Mortgage Broker. 

You see, nowadays you are almost entitled to a great rate and the right product. That is a given. What is difficult is finding the right Mortgage Broker to do the work for you. This is where we come in.

Our service is FREE as the Mortgage Brokers pay us from their commission (Referral fee) for bringing you to them. This is really good for you as you now have a "Manager" on your side ensuring you get the right broker first time!

About you:

YOU are a financially savvy person/couple, who know how much you can borrow and about what price you'll pay for the money (Interest Rate) and are looking for a GREAT Mortgage Broker to do the work for you. Not because you are unable to, but because you simply want to outsource this task.

Your time and efforts are better spent on more profitable or more fun tasks. Not chasing Banks for updates and paperwork.....NUP!

Busness Development Meeting

All our HAND PICKED brokers have gone through a screening process:


  • ALL our brokers hold a diploma of Mortgage Broking

  • Are highly educated and their professional development points are always up to date

  • Are affiliated with either the MFAA or FBAA (Our industry bodies)

  • Are authorised credit representatives under ASIC

  • Are fully insured (Professional Indemnity Insurance)

  • Have all available lenders on their panel

  • Have a track record of providing great service to their clients, and receive a certain measure of client referrals, (being one out of every three clients refers somebody to them) 

  • We have done reference checks on five clients and five lenders.

Best of all our Mortgage Brokers niche in their own fields being:

  • Investment

  • First home buyer

  • Renovations

  • Land and Construction loans

  • Off the plan purchases

  • Commercial

  • Development finance

  • Overseas Lending

  • Vehicle and Equipment Finance and more

Not only do we provide great Mortgage Broker Selection in matching the right broker to the right prospect, we also manage the work flow ensuring you get a great result.


Added to this, you have an escalation path If you feel your not getting looked after, you can then escalate that to us and we'll manage that through with the broker to get a resolution to get the outcome you want.


To start the process in getting to the right Mortgage Broker, please complete our contact form below

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